Taji 100


To complete STEP 3 in the registration process and become a TAJI MAJOR, please donate $20 to the Wounded Warrior Project through this page in the empty box below next to "Donation Amount". Click "CONTINUE", and WWP will guide you through the process. At the completion of your donation, you will receive an email receipt from WWP that can be used as proof of your tax-deductible donation, and your name will be listed in alphabetical order at the bottom of the page under "Taji Majors". This will verify, to us at Team Taji, that you have taken that extra step in helping support our wounded heroes and make you eligible for the potential prizes based upon your division. 

Sponsor a Taji 100 Competitor

Even if you're not the one fighting (Running), you can still support the ones that are!

You can help support the hard work of your loved one by sponsoring their achievements. Pledge an amount for every mile they run. A simple $0.10 a mile is only $10 when they cross that finish line. Every little bit counts. Once the competition is complete, you may donate your pledged amount on that runners behalf, or they can collect the pledged amount from you and donate their total collected funds.