5T Riders in conjunction with the Nancy Morgenstern Memorial Fund for Wounded Warrior Project

Nancy Morgenstern was a victim of the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center on September 11. Nancy was a unique person who led a very full and multi-faceted life, which touched and inspired many people. One of those facets is that Nancy was also a Category 3 Cyclist and member of the Century Road Club Association.

The Nancy Morgenstern Memorial Fund is a tax exempt fund set up expressly to perpetuate Nancy’s name by engaging in activities consistent with the life she led—dedicated to helping her fellow human beings, while remaining true to her Jewish traditions and heritage.

One of the funds chief goals is to assist soldiers that have served their country with honor and dignity at home and overseas, but need assistance in re-integrating into every day life. The Nancy Morgenstern Memorial Fund has partnered with the 5T Riders Club to ride for the Wounded Warrior Project, a cause that shares our common goals.

The 5T Riders is a heterogeneous group of cyclists that differ as much as they share. Comprised of local cyclists, the membership is nondenominational and draws from all spectrums of the local Five Towns and Far Rockaway communities. The association is not an exclusive club either. Members cover the full array of professional affiliations – blue-collar workers, business professionals, health-care providers, social workers, teachers, students, and Clergymen all blend into a single unit when they don their jerseys and cycling shorts.  The thread that weaves them all together is the unity that the group promotes and stands for. And in the past few years this unity has produced some amazing results.

The group’s mission statement since its inception has been to utilize cycling as a both a catalyst for fitness and a vehicle for charity and awareness. Initially formed as a small group of existing and new-to-cycling riders in 2011, the group’s members communicated via Blackberry Messenger and posted local group rides. This led to many members of the group participating in Bike4Chai and the Alyn Hospital Ride in Israel in their nascent years, and many of the group members have participated in these fund and awareness raising events for more than five years and counting.

The group recently celebrated their annual awards dinner where the silly and serious sides of a group that has grown to over 75 strong locally and boasts over 30 more members in ‘alumni’ chapters in Israel and the US outside the 5 Towns were on display. This year alone the group has upped their bar of  charity and random acts of loving-kindness by participating in multiple inter and extra community fund-raising events through their cycling. The contributions that the group has been able to make to these organizations have been record breaking. The numbers really tell the story themselves - Bike4Chai (52 participants) $686,968, Gesher Century Challenge (31 participants) - $11,446, CIMBY Run (18 participants, in a non-cycling event) - $5,220. And these don’t even tell the full story themselves according to one group ride organizer. He stated that the participation of the 5T Riders group is what drove the general participation well over 70 individuals, and does not account for all of the local businesses that sponsored the event due to the enthusiasm of the group. It was the outpouring of support from the 5T Riders that made the ride both a fundraising and awareness-raising success for a local early education program.

This summer, we are adding another charity to our cause and participating in a Soldier Ride® Community Ride. Soldier Ride is a Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP) initiative that provides rehabilitative cycling across the country to help injured warriors restore their physical and emotional well-being.

You can change the lives of injured warriors and their caregivers by donating to support the services provided by WWP. Please join my effort and give what you can by donating through the button at the top of my page. Any amount large or small will help these brave men and women.

Thank you in advance for your support!