Oriental Dragon Boat Race & Festival

From: 8/15/2015
To: 8/15/2015
Description: 6th annual Oriental Dragon Boat Race And Festival. We were approved last year. We had last year 7 Marine Teams who had opportunity to paddle in Race because of community outreach partnerships. We would like to keep the link on our website www.orientaldragonboat.com but this year would like to know if people donate when they click on our site. this year if possible we would like a Wounded Warrior Representative There. In addition to the link on our site we are going to ask attendees the day of the race to donate 1.00 per attendee (not required) to the Wounded Warrior Program and we would like to turn that money over to the Wounded Warrior Representative at the Awards Ceremony at the end of races.
Contact: Flora Moorman
Address: 465 Grace Harbor River Dunes, Oriental , North Carolina 28571
Links: Event Website