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To: 7/31/2019
Description: I am very excited about the information that I will be sharing here. For those of you who are unsure who I am and what this site is about, allow me to introduce myself and my method for meeting and attracting the most desirable women imaginable. I am Adonis, and I have personally seduced some of the most desirable women in the world [i.e models, exotic dancers, hot club chicks, etc.]. Many guys might make excuses for this behavior, but I offer none. The ability to effortlessly meet and attract women is a part of who I am. This wasn’t always the case. A little about my background, although I have always been a social guy (though my natural tendency often leans towards introversion), I wasn’t always the ladies’ man I am today. Growing up I can remember thinking and musing over how to get the girls I constantly found myself lusting over. Unfortunately, I would rarely get more than mild amusement and comfort with them…Translation, I would at best end up as the girl’s ‘friend’. However, as a social guy, I wasn’t much in need of another friend. Like most guys, I tried everything that I was taught about how to attract women. I tried everything from complimenting her, asking her out on dates, bringing her flowers, and so on. I noticed that this stuff rarely got me the girl. I started to wonder if there was something wrong with me. I felt like a complete romantic misfit. Then one day I asked myself the question that would change the course of my romantic future: What if everything I had ever been taught by my parents, peers, and society on how to attract women was completely wrong? I thought about all the changes and advances that have occurred in the last generation or so: Things like the birth-control pill and the subsequent sexual revolution, feminism, urbanization, rapidly advancing technological breakthroughs and a whole slew of other things. From the evolutionary perspective it seemed that perhaps we were not genetically hard-wired to handle the conditions we were born into since natual selection takes many, many generations to adapt to a changing environment. I began to realize that although all the advice I had been given may have been given with the best of intentions, it didn’t accurately fit in with a modern world-view. This shift in awareness led me down a path that has made me the seducer I am today. I began to study everything I could get my hands on regarding seduction, relationships, and human interactions. Through the internet, I became acquainted with a community of like-minded guys that were pursuing the same quest I was. We shared many thoughts and theories on the subject via email lists and web forums. Through our interactions and testing the ideas we devised “in the field”, I began to forge out the identity I possess today. I began to discover what truly attracted women. I became an incredibly attractive individual–not attractive because of my physical attributes or monetary accumulation [I'm neither particularly handsome nor wealthy], but attractive through the things that really fire off attraction circuits in women. What does this mean for you? It means that I believe that becoming an attractive man–a seductive man–is something that can be attained by anyone, regardless of your inherent physical appearance or the state of your bank account if you are willing to put the effort necessary to create this identity. Any guy can become attractive to women for reasons specific to him. There are a lot of methods and systems out there, and many are effective in their own rights, but what I noticed with several of them is that they are often more complicated than they truly need to be. I currently contend that there is truly only two things a guy needs to possess. First, a guy must possess an attractive ‘alpha’ identity. Second, he must have the ability to convey these attributes to a woman in a way that causes her to become invested in the relationship…..but you need to have both! If a guy is merely an attractive alpha male without the ability to connect with women on an emotional level, he will often be perceived by women as an arrogant asshole that she will avoid [even if you get initial attraction] because she cannot relate to him on an emotional level. Contrarily, if he is merely a guy who can relate to women on an emotional level, but does not possess an attractive alpha identity, he will become that lovable loser that she loves to tell all her problems to and hang out with when she can’t find anyone else to, yet she will never think of him as an actual potential lover. He will become her social spare tire. He becomes her safe and easy way of getting the validation she craves. Neither of these scenarios is desirable. The Adonis Approach instills these two essential qualities in a way that brings about a powerful transformation in the men willing to put the effort required to truly cultivate these qualities. That’s right…I said you will have to put effort into creating this change. There are no short-cuts or instant tactics that will get you the results you desire. Many men are looking for some great lines or some magical tactics that will create instant attraction in women. Guess what? No such system exists, regardless of what certain people may tell you. Allow me to be your personal guide to creating the seductive identity I truly know you can possess. Follow me as I show you exactly the steps you need to take to have more success than you can currently imagine possible with women. Those who do so will become the type of man that is so successful with women that it becomes completely natural to have women chasing him instead of the guy who leaves it up to ‘luck’ when it comes to attracting women.
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