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Having completed a first solo, long-distance bike tour (back in 2013) to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project, sponsors at home and on the road will again have the opportunity to support this cause as Carter rides west anew from Portland, ME promoting the Wounded Warrior Project.  Please visit his website at to learn more.

Your tax deductible donation will mean so much, to those and their families who have given so much.

While all levels of donation are greatly appreciated, we would be pleased to include your name or logo on our SPONSORS page for donations at or above $800.

Donations made by the following individuals were made under another donor's e-mail address and as such were credited to that other donor's name:

  • Emma Wheat
  • Susannah Wheat
  • JB Dages
  • Andrew Dages
  • Emily Dages

In addition to the above, the below donors contributed via check made payable to the Wounded Warrior Project.  Unable to be credited to this event, our goal has been adjusted accordingly. 

  • Rick Wheeler
  • John and Carol Vispo
  • Dawn Ellerbrock
  • Amy Clemens
  • KPMG
  • Willy Wise
  • Bill Gilliam
  • Walt Muralt
  • Rex and Lori Davis





Carter Dages  •  •  804/314-7870


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Roger Cole
2472 days ago
John and Amy Daylor
537 days ago
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2399 days ago
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2402 days ago
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