America's Memory

From: 2/28/2013
To: 2/28/2013
Description: I am a 2 time usa memory champion. I am also a veteran of operation enduring freedom. I have memorized all 2200 us military members who died in afghanistan (rank, 1st name, last name) It is 7,000 words and I will be writing them out from memory in 20-30 different cities on a black wall (portable and dry erase) to say 'you are not forgotten.' It has taken me 10 months to memorize this. tells the story. I expect a massive, massive, massive amount of media coverage. It will take me 8 hours (8pm to 5pm) to write out all the names. Feb 28th is simply the first city. I realize this feat sounds not possible but I assure you that not only is it, I will be doing it and think I can bring you lots of donations through the website. Feb 28th is the 'kick off' and 1st event
Address: Burnett PLaza Fort Worth , Texas 76102
Links: Event Website