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The journey of America started with a small number of selfless patriots determined to fight for freedom—for themselves, their families, and their fellow man. As underdogs, they managed to win the great fight, and set our country on its marvelous trajectory of boundless opportunity and leadership in the world.

Recounting where America has been, where it is, and where it should go, is based on the countless brave men and women in uniform who have continued that fight through the centuries. Our courageous warriors are America’s common thread. Almost every family has a veteran, certainly most communities, and they need our help to recover and have a chance at rebirth.

In a perfect world, no one would have to fight. Throughout our tumultuous history, usually there was no question that what our soldiers were tasked to do would make America and the world better places. Sometimes our leaders utilized their talent and dedication poorly, sometimes even shamefully. Regardless, the overwhelming majority of our fighters served with honor, dedicated professionals willing to protect those who couldn’t protect themselves and who had their comrades’ backs.

After chronicling America’s story and launching my book, I'd like to help, in some small way, those men and women who are hurt or suffering as a result of their service to defend our freedom. Without them, there would not be a story to tell.

Therefore, I am using the launch of my book, America's Journey: Underdog to Overlord, Regrets to Rebirth, to help support the Wounded Warrior Project and, whether you buy a copy of my tome or not, I urge you do to the sam. WWP dedicates itself to providing free programs and services to wounded warriors, their families and caregivers. Please join me in spreading the word of this fundraiser to others interested in discovering why Americas who serve int the military are the best of us, and its veterans deserving of our unhesitating support.

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