Main Event Network Hot Summer Run

Our entire marathon will be broadcasted LIVE from our channel on the internet! The Main Event Network is an international group of gamers who enjoy playing video games LIVE on the internet on a broadcast website. Every couple of months we get together and bring some of our friends along to apply our hobby in our free time together to do something for an awesome cause. When we decide to do this, we come together and game for long durations to help raise money for different charities across the world. As of this third marathon, we raised $1,010 in October 2011 for the Autism Speaks charity organization, and we raised $2,120.69 for the St. Jude Children's Hospitals charity organization. This will be our third charity marathon attempt, but will be our longest marathon we have ever put on before. We thought that since this was going to take place across the summer (with July 4th included) that it would be appropriate that we help raise money for the Wounded Warrior Project. You can find out more information about our previous marathons by clicking here!

We have an official team page setup on the Wounded Warrior Project website that you can donate directly to, eliminating the need for any middle-men or Paypal account transferrals. Here is a direct link to our team page that has been setup specifically for our marathon. You may donate there anytime after Monday, June 18th and anytime before Wednesday, July 4th. You don't have to stick around to watch our gaming and the festivities if you don't have time or don't feel like it, a donation is good enough as it is if watching video games being played just isn't your milk 'n cookies. We'll accept any and all donations at any amount. After all, it's all going to the same place and helping the same cause. We totally appreciate anything that goes to the charity!

Keep in mind that we do have milestones and goals that happen each time we raise a certain amount of money in donations! We like to get a little crazy and do some wacky things to show our thanks for those who support our efforts supporting charity organizations! To see what all kinds of wacky and crazy things you'll be seeing in our milestones, you can scroll down below and see the full list!

We certainly appreciate any and all help that would like to help promote and advertise our awesome event! If you are unable to broadcast gaming, that's totally fine! You can definitely help us out by spreading the word and letting other people on the internet know that we are doing this amazing event for an awesome cause! You can send out tweets on Twitter, or post our link on Facebook to let all of your friends all at once know what is happening! If you have any military friends or family, let them know and spread the word! They might just appreciate seeing a group of gamers help raise money for a cause such as the Wounded Warrior Project and become huge fans of the Main Event Network!

Here are some links that you are free to spread the word about on any of the social media sites, forums or anywhere else you would like!

Livestream Page: www.instagib.tv/maineventnetwork
Donations Page: https://support.woundedwarriorproject.org/individual-fundraising/MENMarathon2012

Of course! We actually encourage having interaction with our fans and viewers while the madness is happening! If you have a game that is being played online, feel free to ask in the live chat about hopping in a game with us and playing a few rounds! We're totally laid back and looking forwards to playing with anyone and everyone who happens to stop by! Whether it's Killing Floor or Team Fortress 2 on Steam; Gears of War 3 or Modern Warfare 3 on XBOX Live, just shoot us a request in the chat and let us know you are willing and able to join in on the fun, and you should promptly get an invite upon the next game starting up. This is just as much about us (the staff/casters) as it is the people hanging out and watching the marathon go down!

Every single person who is participating in this marathon knows that the duration of this marathon will be to raise money for a great cause, and to help out the Wounded Warrior Project and understands that there are certain things that can't be said live on cast, because you just never know who might be watching or what age groups could be hearing the commentary. Everybody has been given a fair warning to watch their language the best they can and try to hold it to a minimum so that all ages can enjoy the entertainment and take part in our marathon. At the same time, we are a bunch of gamers and sometimes we may make an "Oopsie!" here or there! Please don't hold it against us if you hear something inappropriate on the live stream, as sometimes it just slips out in the heat of the moment during a tough time in a video game! We will be doing our best to hold it to a PG-13 rating level as best as we can so that everybody can enjoy the marathon equally! As far as the type of video games that will be played, you won't have to worry about any kind of nudity or sexually explicit materials, although there might be some cussing and some hard violence depending on the game that is being played. We just want to put this here right now so that you are warned! Video games ARE video games and not all of them are peaceful and butterflies!

$0.01 | Jake Rogers & Eddie Cool will sing "Last Friday Night" by Katy Perry with friends! Click for song preview!
$0.50 |
Sunrose is forced to truffle shuffle and flex her muscles live on webcam!
$1.00 |
Dylan Thompson reads two RCWF Dungeon promos out loud live on cast!
$5.00 |
Rasher is forced to play Dr. Jeckyl & Mr. Hyde for 30 minutes without rage quitting!
$50.00 |
Keiro Starr sings his entire RCWF brony theme song ["Discord" by Eurobeat \ Living Tombstone Remix] Click for song preview!
$100.00 | F
red the Zombie shows up to broadcast gaming in the marathon with webcam!
$125.00 |
Jake Rogers and Leo Raines cut shoot promos on each other live on webcam!
$150.00 |
Dylan Thompson does the "Too Cool" Scotty 2 Hotty & Grand Master Sexay dance on webcam! Click for preview!
Sonic Chrono will rap to an accapella version of a T-Pain or Lil Wayne song with his autotuner
$225.00 |
All donators at this point are thrown into the pot to win a complimentary Steam game paid courtesy of Main Event Network!
$250.00 |
Broadcaster Lucarioly will be forced to play Hello Kitty Online for an entire hour!
$275.00 |
Main Event Network t-shirt Brady Bunch party. Everybody who owns Main Event Network t-shirts are shown on one broadcast!
$300.00 |
Jimmy Zazz appears to broadcast gaming in the marathon with webcam!
$325.00 |
Broadcaster Sean (Lord_of_Darkness) will take 8 shots live on webcam!
$350.00 |
Sunrose does the "Mario Dance" live on webcam with her kitty; Mario!
$375.00 |
VaughnLive.tv broadcaster Daisa (Lakergirl209) will come to the marathon and have a few drinks LIVE!
$400.00 |
The donator who breaks $400 will get to choose which webcam-able caster will dance and what song they will dance to!
$425.00 |
Mike Maverick has an epic battle by a mysterious anime character on his cast and his friend Haruko will sing live on cast.
$450.00 |
Justin Rom will appear on webcam and deliver a speech to the viewers LIVE during our marathon!
$475.00 |
Ryan (wakeofosiris) will eat a Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwich with mustard & other accessories in it live on webcam!
$500.00 |
The Fat Shuffler performs the baby oil dance in celebration of $500 raised!
$550.00 |
Project Beta will hold a swimsuit edition of the show! All guests & hosts will wear bikinis!
$600.00 |
Nate & Marc will sing "Party in the USA" by Miley Cyrus together as a duet! Click for song preview!
$650.00 |
The Cookie Monster invades our marathon and sings/dances to the cookie song on webcam! Click for song preview!
$700.00 |
All donators at this point will be thrown into a pot and will receive a Game Helmet hat paid courtesy of Main Event Network!
$750.00 |
VaughnLive.tv broadcaster Macca (Macca_1984) will come to the marathon and have a dance techno party for a bit! HERE WE GOOO!
$800.00 |
Duke Dice gets on webcam for the first time ever and wears a Sombrero and a suit and cuts a promo!
$900.00 |
Raji's underwear makes an appearance during one of his broadcasts... on his head! The whole timeslot!
$950.00 | Zatch is forced to make out with his Pikachu Pokemon plush doll on webcam!
$1,000 | Raji & The Fat Shuffler will compete in a "Battle of the Belly Dances" disco dance-off competition live on webcam! Click for song preview!
$1,337 |
Snake & Liam will perform a duet of "God Save the Queen" live on cast together!
$1,500 |
The donator who breaks the $1,500 mark will recieve a personally hand crafted crayola picture made by Tad live on cast!
$2,000 |
The donator who breaks the $2,000 mark will receive an automatic title shot in the RCWF, depending on their roster status!
Tad does the unthinkable. Yes, it will happen again.

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