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Aug 2015
This post is to announce our 3rd Annual Camp Equinunk and Camp Blue Ridge Soldier Run to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project. 
This spring we were privileged to visit the Wounded Warrior Project offices in Jacksonville, Fl and to see first hand the impact that their programs are having on our nation's veterans.  We learned that many of our nation's veterans suffer from wounds that cannot be seen and we were again grateful for the sacrifices that these men and women have made for us.  Wounded Warrior Project is in the midst of allocating resources for a program that will care for our Veterans for the rest of their lives.  Even when their current caregivers will not be around to care for them anymore. 
Our run at camp this year will take place on Sunday August 2, 2015 and we are proud to announce that our guest speaker will be Captain Dan Runzheimer USMC.  Captain Runzheimer was the unit commander of the 1st Battalion 9th Marines in Ramadi, Iraq on April 22, 2008.  The day that Jordan Haerter selflessly sacrificed his life for the sake of his Marine brothers, Iraqi civilians and in the name of freedom.  Captain Runzheimer (Capt Dan to us) has become a mentor to us and we are proud to call him our friend.  We cannot wait to introduce him to our CECBR family. 
We are again asking for our friends and family to donate $19 to Wounded Warrior Project in honor of the 1st Battalion 9th Marines.  We feel it is our duty to support the men and women of our armed forces who have given so much in service to our country.  The least we can do is help our wounded veterans to overcome their injuries and ease their pain when they get home. 
We are very grateful to our Camp for embracing this event and supporting us in our mission to help veterans.  We are proud to call Equinunk our Home.
Thank You,
Benjamin & William
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JULY 2014
Below is an e-mail dictated by Benjamin and William from sleep away camp.  As many of you know, Soldier Ride is held in honor of Lance Cpl. Jordan Haerter.   Jordan, his family, and his unit have become very important to the boys and are a lasting reminder of the heroism and sacrifice made by military families every day.  Please take a moment to read their email below and donate $19 through their web page here if possible. 
Thanks -
Dear Friends and Family,
This year, for the second time,we will be at camp during Soldier Ride.  This summer we want to honor Jordan's platoon, the 1st Battalion 9th marines, also known as The Walking Dead. Jordan is walking with us every day. This year we are hosting our 2nd annual Soldier Run at our camp in Pennsylvania, since we cannot be at Soldier Ride in Sag Harbor. We are asking everyone who can, to please donate 19 dollars to WWP in honor of Jordan and his platoon. We thank you for supporting Wounded Warrior Project and our Soldier Run.
Benjamin and William
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